August 1st, 2020



With creams, pastes, waxes, pomades, and more—everything you need to get your beard pointed in the right direction day and night, we are creating a routine for our beard. Sorry ladies, but these are all practices to enhance our appearance that’ll keep us in the bathroom just as long as y’all. If we’re being honest, the beard care is a game changer, whether we see it or not.  It’s not always going to be the Tod loafers with crisp cashmere socks that's going to lead you towards success, it's the distressed thrift-ed Metallica shirts and rugged jeans with the sick beard.We need to realize beard care is very relevant for us men and many businesses such as spas are also trying to chime in on the culture..yes spas. Sorry ladies, going to need a new location if you're trying to hide from your man. But for us it means it is a clutch play in the industry as most don't know the necessary steps to treating your beard.

"It’s not always going to be the Tod loafers with crisp cashmere socks that's going to lead you towards success, it's the distressed thrifted Metallica shirts and rugged jeans with the sick beard."

Fortunately, there’s only a few steps you need to take to maintain a beard that looks great;

1 When in the shower, gently wash your beard bar soap or shampoo  on your beard (2 or 3x a week).

2 Put coin sizes of the Beard Oil based on the length of your beard and massage oil through your beard and comb it out with your hair tool.

Then apply a nickel size of the Beard Butter to a damp or towel dry beard and thoroughly work it in. You may need to re-apply throughout the day as needed to groom your beard smoothly.

To style the beard finish up with the Mustache Wax upon preference.

 Use the Beard Mask to hydrate your beard and positively impact new hair growth. 

Being a beardsman goes well beyond just growing your beard. Once you’ve grown your beard, you need proper beard care to keep your beard looking healthy and maintainable. This isn't easy nor an overnight ordeal. Having complete patience soon becomes a love and hate skill we have to put up with. But as patience is a virtue, all good things come days and/months ahead as long as you stay consistent as your beard, hair, and skin are direct reflections of your inner health. 

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