Represent Soulita's with the new merch line! The “Thank You For Copping Soap Online” Tote bag is to be part of your lifestyle where ever you go. The Tote comes in Burgundy, Pink, or Blue (just the smudge color) 

#TYFCSO Tote Bag

Smudge Color
  • If you didn't love Soulita Soap's creation it is easy to return or exchange. Please send an email to with a message about the reason/change request. We love getting opinions on how we can be better. 

    Expect an email reply between these times:

    Monday-Friday 6:00am to 4:00pm EST

  • Expect your merch order to arrive 2-3 weeks. We give it 1 week for the creation and then another for it to be shipped to you. 

    If your order has products/soaps and merch, you will receive two or more packages.