Hemp Oil Soap was created to achieve soft skin! Going into the colder seasons, It is easy to fall a victim to rough skin. Soulita's Soap has all the solutions in a 5 oil ingredient top layer blend:


Organic Hemp Oil 

Organic Grape Seed Oil 

Organic Sunflower Oil 

Organic Coconut Oil 

Organic Olive Oil 

in Honey Glycerin Soap Base 


The other half of the soap is a Lavender Glycerin Soap Base with Organic Sugar Cane and Apricot seeds to exfoliate and take off dead skin. In between is a clean and dried marijuana leaf.



NOT FOR CONSUMERS WITH SENSITIVE SKIN. IF SKIN BECOMES ITCHY, STOP USAGE AND EMAIL SOULITASOAP@GMAIL.COM FOR FULL REFUND. Hemp Oil is used for external use only and cannot be ingested. No CBD or THC is included in this products composition. 

Hemp Oil Soap

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Herb for The Scrub Half
Gift Wrapped
  • Use the bar in the shower and let it rest on a soap saver to avoid soap scum. Make sure all of the soap is cleaned off your body before exiting your shower. The bar is best used when moisturizing after use. Not recommended on skin with a lot of open wounds.  

    This 2 layer soap has benefits for your skin but the transparent layer makes it a piece of art.