Spoil your guests. Spoil your family. Spoil yourself. The Bathroom Essential set is here to pamper everyone to the max. Anyone that will leave your bathroom will leave with another level of confidence, one handshake a time. 


Solutions with Soulita’s Foam Hand Soap:

  • Moisturizes dry skin

  • Antiseptic for minor cuts and scrapes 

  • Provides relief to itchy and peeling skin


Solutions with Soulita’s Rich Shea Butter:

  • Moisturizes dry skin

  • Treats acne and blemishes

  • Reduces skin inflammation and an anti-aging and anti-free radical agent

  • Provides relief to itchy and peeling skin

  • Restores the elasticity of the skin

  • Reduce razor irritation, bumps and stretch marks.


Solutions with Soulita’s Hand Sanitizer:

  • Require less time than hand washing.

  • Act quickly to kill microorganisms on hands.

  • Reduce bacterial counts on hands in large group settings.

  • Promotes softer feeling hands

  • Easy on the go



Foam Hand Soap: Distilled Water, Castile Soap Base, Vegetable Glycerin, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Chamomile Flowers, Essential Oil Fragrance

Hand Sanitizer: 70% Alcohol, Aloe, Organic Vitamin E, Organic Tea Tree Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil, Jasmine Absolute

Ultra Healing Shea Butter: Raw Unrefined Shea Butter, Yellow Bark from Borututu tree, Organic Rosehip Seed Oil, Organic Vitamin E Oil, Organic Jojoba Oil


Vegan. Paraben Free. Cruelty Free. Recyclable. Women Owned. 

Bathroom Essential Set

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  • Size: Hand Soap 8.4oz, Ultra Healing Shea Butter 2oz, Hand Sanitizer 2oz.