How to Stay Protected on Valentine's Day

Protected as safe from COVID-19- get your mind out of the gutter.

Like most years, I am spending this year Valentineless. That’s right; I am single as a pringle and I am not even in stock, not even on anybody's inventory list. I’m sure I am not the only person who may be spending this year’s Valentine's alone; considering social distancing protocols and businesses that are shut down for the time being, there is not much to do this year. That does not mean there is nothing to do, however, and I am here to give you some ideas on how you can spend this year’s Valentine's Day (or Galentine’s Day, for people like me).

Interactive Activities- For the Gals & Pals

Egg Hunt

Call me a hopeless romantic, but a Valentine’s scavenge hunt sounds like perfection. Set up gifts at different spots, whether it’s the place you guys first met or your favorite pizza shop. With each location, leave a clue for the next spot and be on your way!

If you are spending the day with your friends, it will only make the scavenge hunt 10 times more fun. My best friend and I (in our deepest desperation to have fun) randomly decided to ride the motorized scooters around the city. Spontaneity definitely brings about some of the best experiences because that was a night to remember! Download the “Spin” app (or whatever company owns the scooters in your area) and bundle up for the ride. Set up clues where you can make pit stops on the way to a final destination, like Waterplace Park, a local spot for happy hour (if not a liquor store on the way), hot chocolate, and finish it off at the ice skating at the Bank Newport City Center. Get creative! You can use the scooters for about an hour for only $12. It is an inexpensive way to make an eventless day eventful.

Pillow Fort

If the cold intimidates you, so long with the threats that confront us outside (*cough cough* the rona *cough cough*), there are also indoor activities you and that special someone (whether it’s a lover, friend, or both) can partake in. Create a pillow fort or a tent and have a movie night! No movie night is complete without popcorn and sweets so make sure to whip up some cookies and brownies beforehand. Set up string lights around the tent to create a cozy atmosphere and enjoy either the cuddles or the puddles (aka my single tears).

I'm just saying, you can do better...

Sip & Paint

Would I be me if I didn’t suggest a sip & paint every chance that I could get? No. Grab a cheap bottle of wine, set up the tunes, and get to painting! Walmart sells mini canvases, as well as mini easels (if you want to do it right) for under $15, and that’s all together. The acrylic paint there is also inexpensive, ranging from about 50 cents for a bottle to $20 for a complete set. It depends on what kind of quality paint you would like.

A friend of mine sent me an idea showcased on TikTok where these girls bought large canvases, painted their booty, and imprinted it on a canvas. It’s fun, kind of messy, but memorable. The best part is you can hang it up for everyone to see! Leave no room for their imagination.

Cooking Challenge

Cook a meal together- whether it's with your lover or your friends. Everyone can choose the dish they decide they want to bring to the table (literally) and by the end (depending on how many people), you’ll be able to experience a buffet-style dinner for Galentines Day! Nothing pays off more than eating a good meal you worked hard on, and with the right people, the competition can be fun. So put on your aprons, channel your inner chef and get to cooking!

This Valentine’s Day does not have to be ruined by the ensuing quarantine. Just remember to wear your masks and wash your hands if you decide to go out in public. Think outside the box this year, and make sure to spread the love (not Corona)!

What do you have planned for Valentine’s Day this year?

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