5 Things You Didn't Know You Were Doing Wrong in Your Skincare Routine & How to Fix it!

We all have some type of skincare routine. Even if it’s just the water you splash on your face after brushing your teeth (yes, that counts too), that’s a routine. Many of us have gone to the ends of the earth to find the perfect substance to add to our routine, without doing the most important thing first; knowing your skin. And that’s where the problem begins.

Not every skin type is the same 

Most of us know this already, but still seem to ignore that when following skincare trends. Remember when everyone was doing that black peel off face mask that was literally glued to your skin? Your skin must still be recovering from that! Not everyone has an extensive deep black head on their cheeks or bad acne on their chin. So it’s best if you don’t copy someone else's entire routine until you find out the root of your skincare problems. 

"No one knows your skin better than you do."

It doesn’t have to be extensive

Did all my boujee people hear this one? Yeah it’s fun to spoil ourselves and drop some cash on a good routine, but is it even at all necessary? Do you really need to spend 2 hours everyday to steam, moisturize, detox, exfoliate, tone, moisturize again and whatever else it is that you have in your routine? That’s not to say that what you’re doing isn’t good for your skin, besides exfoliating everyday, but you can probably cut down at-least half of your everyday routine, and leave the rest for once a week. 

Natural IS better

Mario Badescu, you’re my homie but those factory chemicals ain’t it. Mario Badescu faced a lawsuit in 2013 for failing to list that some of their products contain steroids. Using harsh cleansers that contain ingredients like para vena,  fragrances and sulfates are only doing you more harm than good. Stripping your beautiful face from its natural oils making you even more prone to acne and even cancers. Yuck. Switch it up and make some of your own stuff (ie; diluted tea tree oil), no one knows your skin better than you do. 

The problem isn’t always your skin 

Do you run errands in your gym clothes right after in an intense workout? And when was the last time you washed that pillow? Or changed the filter in your a/c? There are many outside factors that can cause acne. Things like not washing your hands before touching your face or stressing out are some of the real reasons you have that pimple on your forehead. Your skin is a natural cleaner, that’s why we have pores. It lets the skin breath, but once those pores are clogged, that’s when we welcome blackhead and zits. Take a break. Breathe. And allow your skin to do the same. 

Patience is a virtue 

Many of us try a new product and will expect to see results right away. But if you can wait 2 weeks for your package to arrive, you can give your skin some time to adjust as well. When trying a new product your skin will take a few days or even a few weeks to adjust to it. That’s why sometimes you’ll see a brand new pimple even though you just started a new cleanser. It can take anywhere from 2-8 weeks to see any significant change in your skin. Be patient and allow your skin to work. Changing your products ever so often can cause your skin to stress out making it harder for you to achieve that clear skin. Take yo time. When it comes to your skincare routine you basically just got to know what your skin is asking for. Hydration? A Cleanser? Listen to your skin, take your time to figure out what exactly it is that you need for your skin. 

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